An epitome of rarity.

Born of the stars and brought to earth when a meteorite crashed into earth over 2 billion years ago, platinum is found in very limited quantities in just a few places across the planet. It is 30 times rarer than gold.

A promise of purity.

Look for the ‘Pt950’ mark on your platinum jewellery. This is a mark of purity – a promise that your platinum jewellery has been crafted in 95% pure platinum. Amongst the highest standards of purity found in jewellery, it means that you get even more of this rare and precious metal. A fitting marker of staying true to what matters to you, as you #PutLoveFirst.

A promise to last a lifetime.

Made to last, platinum stays true to itself for a lifetime. It never fades and retains its natural white colour. What’s more is that it’s intrinsic strength and density also allow it to maintain its shape through years of wear.



Platinum is pure
Platinum is eternal
Platinum is rare